English Italian Translation Services

Are you a professional in the tourism industry looking to create connections in Italy? 

Need a professional translator of legal texts?

I will be pleased to help you!

Areas of expertise


Employment Contracts, Powers of Attorney, Wills, Confidentiality Agreements, Certificates, Terms and Conditions, etc.: the translation process is managed from start to finish with maximum discretion. I can provide certified or sworn translations if needed. 


Whether you are an accommodation provider, a restaurateur, a travel agent, a car rental company or run any other business related to the travel and tourism industry, you might need a professional translator to connect with your Italian audience.

Frequently asked questions

What are the languages JUSTranslations works in?

In order to offer an accurate quality control JUSTranslations mainly deals with English and Italian.

How do you calculate your fees?

As there are several factors influencing the price of a translation (type of document, lenght of text, deadline, extra services etc.) JUSTranslations provides you with an online form to request a free quote. We calculate translation on a per page or word basis.

What is a sworn translation?
A sworn translation is carried out by a translator who, before a public authority, put his/her name and signature and cartifies that the text is a true translation. It may be necessary for official documents which have to be used abroad.

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